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Who is Millenium for?

"Hello! This is Millenium Medical Billing. We've successfully processed your recent claims, and payments are on their way. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. Your practice's financial health is our priority!"
"Good day! It's Millenium Medical Billing. We noticed a few claims that require additional documentation for faster processing. Can you please provide the necessary info? We're here to make sure your billing goes smoothly. Thanks!"

At Millenium Medical Billing, we pride ourselves on fostering a familial bond with our clients, embodying the same compassionate care that you provide to your patients. Our commitment goes beyond the clock as we stand by your side, 24/7, right here in the United States; ensuring that your needs are met promptly and effectively. Just as every patient is unique, we understand that every medical practice is distinct. That's why we're selective in choosing our clients – ensuring that the fit is perfect for both of us.

Let us be the backbone of your administrative needs, while you continue to offer exceptional healthcare. Join our family and experience the Millenium difference in medical billing.



Unleash the full potential of your practice with our comprehensive end-to-end medical billing and revenue cycle management services.

Medical Billing

For more than 15 years, Millenium Medical Billing has been the premier choice for specialty doctors across the United States, offering top-notch medical billing services.

Medical Coding

For over 15 years, Millenium Medical Billing has been the leading preference of specialized healthcare practitioners throughout the United States, providing exceptional medical coding services.

Patient Billing

For more than 15 years, Millenium Medical Billing has stood as the top choice for specialized healthcare practitioners across the United States, delivering exceptional patient billing services.


For over 15 years, Millenium Medical Billing's posting service has remained top-notch, serving specialized healthcare practitioners across the United States.

AR Management

Efficient AR management in medical billing, offered by Millenium Medical Billing, ensures prompt payments, reduces outstanding accounts, and optimizes the financial health of your practice.


Millenium Medical Billing provides comprehensive reporting services, delivering invaluable insights into financial health and billing efficiency across diverse healthcare specialties.


For over 15 years, Millenium Medical Billing has excelled in medical billing collections, efficiently recovering unpaid claims and balances to ensure healthcare practices' financial stability.


Millenium Medical Billing assists medical practices with seamless EHR optimization, ensuring efficient integration with existing software and accurate billing processes.


Millenium Medical Billing efficiently handles credentialing for healthcare providers, ensuring they meet requirements for billing and reimbursement.

Demographic Updates

Millenium ensures accurate and up-to-date patient demographic information, facilitating efficient billing processes and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Consulting & Training

Millenium offers comprehensive medical billing consulting and training services to empower medical practices with the expertise needed to optimize revenue cycles, minimize errors, and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

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We're national and local

Millenium provides highly competitive medical billing services across all 50 states. Our team of experts across the country specialize in crafting precisely tailored medical billing solutions to suit the unique needs of your practice, whether you operate a single local practice or manage a network of clinics spanning multiple states. Dedicated to your contentment, we promise unwavering commitment.

Millenium is a best-rated
medical billing company in America

Rated Excellent (5 out of 5) on Facebook
Easter Y.
Danielle and her team at Millenium Medical Billing are exceptional and experts in their field. I've been a client for 8 years and I have always had a great experience. They are quick to respond to any concerns or questions and are willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure proper insurance reimbursements. They are well organized and responsive. Highly recommended!
Justin T.
“I love everyone at Millenium Medical Billing. I’ve been using them for 7 years at this point for 2 of my businesses. Nothing but class, professionalism and great service. They address all of our need and go above and beyond to keep us happy. I’d recommend them to everyone and anyone.”
Lauren B.
“Our organization is very satisfied with the services provide by Millennium. The staff is reliable and efficient. The staff is also friendly and quick to respond to questions. Highly recommend.”
Robin R.
“Jane is simply amazing. My business would not be nearly as successful if it was not for her. She is always one step ahead of the game, knows all the in’s, out’s, and tricks of billing. She is the best business decision I ever made!!”
Jean S.
“I’ve been using millennium for over 5 years and been thoroughly thrilled. Never a problem. Danielle, Nastasha and all the staff I’ve come in contact with, have been friendly, helpful and efficient. They’ve made my life much easier! I strongly recommend Millenium!”
Jill K.
One of the best decisions I have made to improve the functioning of my business was to outsource my medical billing. Millenium Medical Billers take the challenging and intricate task of billing off of my plate so that my team can do what it does best! I am so grateful for their services. As a client for over ten years, I can attest to their dedication, hard work, and attention to detail.
Lauren S.
“Danielle, Jane, and their staff are professional and efficient in all aspects of billing, medical claims, and all insurances. They offer superior customer service and always answer our questions promptly. We receive weekly updates that keep us informed of how our medical claims are processing. I would highly recommend Millenium Medical Billing!”
Craig S.
“I am dual licensed as a chiropractor and physical therapist, so at times my billing can be confusing and difficult. The staff at Millenium are so on top of the current billing codes and laws that i never run into problems!! I have been using Millenium for 6 years and it has been the best 6 years when it comes to billing and collections!! I would highly recommend them!! you will feel like family!!”
Adam S.
“My company has used Millenium Medical Billing for over 5 years. We are pleased with their service and they are always very responsive to our concerns and requests. Very professional and obtains collections in a timely manner. Highly recommend!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why outsource your billing to a Medical Billing Company?

Medical Billing regulations tend to be complex and are ever changing. MMB stays up to date on the latest rules and requirements in order to maintain maximum reimbursement. Outsourcing your medical billing provides you more time to concentrate on your patients and practice.

Is there a contract?

There is no time binding contract you are free to cancel at any time.

How is the information transferred from your practice to MMB?

MMB utilizes any method convenient for your practice. For example: mail or courier service, fax, email or web based programs

When is billing submitted?

Billing is submitted within 24 hours.

Is there an initial set up cost?

No, there is no initial set up fee required.

What is the turnaround time on claims?

Turnaround time can be as quick as two weeks for electronic claims.

What is the cost for our services?

MMB charges a percentage based on what is collected each month. An invoice is sent to the client at the end of every month. Our fees are competitively priced and vary based on the size of your practice, and the scope of services provided.

Can MMB facilitate out of state contracts?

Yes, we absolutely can & we do! Our clients are located through out the Unites States.

Can MMB furnish references?

Yes, we absolutely can upon request.

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