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For over 15 years, Millenium Medical Billing has excelled in medical billing collections, efficiently recovering unpaid claims and balances to ensure healthcare practices' financial stability.
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What is medical billing “collections”?

Medical billing collections, as managed by Millenium Medical Billing, is a crucial process aimed at recovering unpaid or underpaid medical claims and outstanding patient balances. It involves systematic efforts to track, follow up, and secure the reimbursement owed to healthcare practices for the services they've provided. Millenium helps practices navigate this complex terrain by employing a specialized team well-versed in medical billing nuances. We meticulously track unpaid claims and work diligently to recover these funds, whether from insurance companies or patients, thereby optimizing the practice's revenue stream.

At Millenium, we understand the importance of maintaining positive patient relationships during the collections process. Our approach is patient-centric, emphasizing clear and empathetic communication to keep patients informed about their financial responsibilities. This approach not only preserves patient trust but also enhances the chances of successful collections. By entrusting their collections to Millenium, healthcare practices can offload the administrative burden, focus on delivering quality care, and maintain financial stability. Our expertise ensures efficient collections, reducing the risk of revenue leakage and helping practices recover the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Benefits of hiring Millenium for your medical billing collections

Improved Revenue Recovery

Millenium's expertise enhances your revenue by efficiently recovering unpaid claims and balances.

Reduced Compliance Risk

Millenium ensures compliance, minimizing legal and regulatory risks.

Streamlined Operations

Outsourcing collections frees resources for better patient care and smoother operations.

Positive Patient Relations

Millenium's patient-centric approach maintains trust and satisfaction, benefiting your practice's reputation.

Who we help with medical billing collections

Millenium Medical Billing specializes in helping a diverse range of medical practices, including speech therapy, physical therapy, hormone replacement therapy (TRT) clinics, OB-GYN, general surgery, and many more, significantly increase their monthly revenue collections, often achieving an impressive average increase of 30%. We employ a comprehensive approach that optimizes the financial health of healthcare practices across various specialties.

Our specialized team meticulously tracks and recovers unpaid claims and outstanding patient balances, ensuring that medical practices within these specialties receive every penny they are owed. We also navigate the intricacies of insurance claims, effectively pursuing collections from insurance companies and responsible parties. This efficient revenue cycle management leads to a substantial boost in monthly revenue collections, which is especially vital for specialties like hormone replacement therapy, where precision in billing and collections is crucial.

In addition to efficient collections, our patient-centric approach is tailored to maintain trust and satisfaction with patients from these diverse specialties. This not only supports effective collections but also encourages patient retention and referrals, ultimately contributing to increased revenue. Moreover, by handling the financial aspects of their operations, healthcare providers and staff in these specialties can focus more on delivering quality patient care and expanding their practices. In conclusion, our expertise, efficient processes, and patient-centered approach make Millenium an invaluable partner for a wide array of medical practices aiming to boost their monthly revenue collections by an average of 30%.

Why choose Millenium for your medical billing collections?

Medical practices should choose Millenium for their medical billing collections because our specialized expertise and patient-centric approach lead to an average 30% increase in monthly revenue collections. Attempting to manage collections in-house can be time-consuming, complex, and prone to errors, potentially resulting in missed revenue opportunities. 

With Millenium, practices can rely on a dedicated team that ensures no unpaid claims or patient balances are overlooked. Our systematic approach also maintains positive patient relationships, encouraging patient retention and referrals. By partnering with Millenium, medical practices can streamline their financial operations, optimize revenue, and allocate more resources to delivering exceptional patient care, ultimately leading to greater financial stability and practice growth.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why outsource your billing to a Medical Billing Company?

Medical Billing regulations tend to be complex and are ever changing. MMB stays up to date on the latest rules and requirements in order to maintain maximum reimbursement. Outsourcing your medical billing provides you more time to concentrate on your patients and practice.

Is there a contract?

There is no time binding contract you are free to cancel at any time.

How is the information transferred from your practice to MMB?

MMB utilizes any method convenient for your practice. For example: mail or courier service, fax, email or web based programs

When is billing submitted?

Billing is submitted within 24 hours.

Is there an initial set up cost?

No, there is no initial set up fee required.

What is the turnaround time on claims?

Turnaround time can be as quick as two weeks for electronic claims.

What is the cost for our services?

MMB charges a percentage based on what is collected each month. An invoice is sent to the client at the end of every month. Our fees are competitively priced and vary based on the size of your practice, and the scope of services provided.

Can MMB facilitate out of state contracts?

Yes, we absolutely can & we do! Our clients are located through out the Unites States.

Can MMB furnish references?

Yes, we absolutely can upon request.

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