Beyond the Incision: Navigating Medical Billing Excellence for Surgeons

Your billing department is taking hit after hit. Claim denials, rejections, billing code errors, late payments, collections – it’s handing out billing problems more than Oprah hands out free cars. The only difference is you don’t get to drive off in a new Pontiac G-6 sedan. Instead, you’re stuck sitting in your office… again. 

Fixing those errors, resubmitting claims, verifying information, and staying up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations – surgeons do their best to keep their practice afloat, but it often comes at a price. All those hours spent in the office correcting billing blunders are hours not spent in front of your patients. 

What if we told you there was a better way – a more productive, efficient, and profitable way? Well, that’s where we come in! With an experienced team of medical billing experts by your side, you can finally turn your attention to your patients – and only your patients – while we satisfy your medical billing needs.

ICD Codes, CPT Codes, Modifiers: Mastering the Language of Medical Billing 

Surgeons spend years of their lives – more than a decade, in most cases – learning the art and science behind surgery. We’re talking eight years of postsecondary school, three to nine years of residencies and internships, and another one to three years of a fellowship (if you plan on pursuing a subspecialization). 

It’s a long and challenging journey, but it’s worth it – especially considering all the lives you will save. I mean, that’s why most surgeons get to where they are – they have a genuine passion for helping others through difficult times in their lives. With their skill and talent, a surgeon changes lives every day.

With that said, why should surgeons be worried about their billing department? It’s a trick question – they shouldn’t, and they don’t have to! Our team at Millenium Medical Billing is well-versed and highly trained in ICD-9/10, CPT, HCPCS codes, and modifiers – that way, you and your assistants don’t have to be! 

Not only that, but we stay up-to-date on all the latest trends in the medical billing community – including the ever-evolving rules, guidelines, and regulations enforced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the American Medical Association (AMA). Trust us, your billing is in excellent hands!

The Business of Healing: Common Billing Challenges for Surgeons

Many surgeons don’t have the time, energy, or effort to spend writing medical codes and submitting insurance claims, but many of them do it anyway. If only they knew how much they were hurting their practice in doing so, they would recognize the immediate need for a better, more practical solution. 

Let’s break down some of the most common billing challenges surgeons encounter regularly: 

  • Claims getting rejected or denied due to billing code errors
  • Claims taking too long to process
  • Spending way too much time, money, energy, and effort on medical billing
  • Patient information not being recorded correctly
  • Failure to bundle services when applicable
  • Patients not paying on time and/or getting sent to collections
  • Failure to understand how time units are billed
  • Not obtaining pre-authorization or a referral when necessary

Most surgeons get fed up with the medical billing process, so they decide to hire some help – but not all help is good help. For example, freelancers are quick to make a mistake (which is what you’re trying to avoid), and an in-house billing department takes up a lot of overhead to hire, train, and manage them. 

Unlocking the Code to a Healthier Medical Practice

If surgeons don’t want to write codes themselves and hiring an in-house billing team is off the board, then what should they do – what options are they left with? Don’t worry – they’ve got us! Millenium Medical Billing offers a wide range of medical billing services to ensure all surgeons have the means to succeed.

Here are just some of the incredible things we can do for you and your surgical team: 

  • Medical Billing & Coding - this is where we translate the services you perform into ICD-10 and CPT codes that fall in line with industry regulations and standards. 
  • Patient Billing & Payment Posting - this is where we monitor invoices you’ve sent to patients and ensure they’re paid on time. We then record and document each payment received.
  • AR Management & Collections - this is where we attempt to secure reimbursement from patients who either haven’t paid on time or have underpaid their invoices. 
  • Credentialing & Reporting - this is where we keep surgeons up-to-date about their financial health and billing efficiency while ensuring they’re appropriately certified and licensed.
  • Consulting & Training - this is where we act as an extension to your existing medical billing team. We use our knowledge and skills to train your team on using the best tactics.

Just think about all the extra time, energy, and effort you’ll have to spend time with your patients – better yet, your friends and family! Surgeons who work with us find that they have more time to do the things that they enjoy the most – our goal is to keep you away from that desk and in front of that surgical table!

Minimizing Errors, Maximizing Reimbursement – The Millenium Way!

Is your private practice struggling to make ends meet? Are you swimming in claim rejections and denials? Is your accounts receivable department failing to maintain order? Is a lack of reimbursement from patients and insurance companies putting you through the wringer? Well, it sounds a lot like you need Millenium! 

We’ve been at the forefront of medical billing for over 15 years and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Our software platform seamlessly integrates with your existing software, ensuring a fast and easy transition. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help your private practice succeed!